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Much more than music, gastronomy, photography, inclusiveness, didactics, solidarity ...

Estival Cuenca, a musical and artistic cycle that began in 2012, shows in its extensive programming a remarkable variety of activities aimed at all audiences and located in places of great beauty in the Old Town of Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage City since 1996: Parador de Cuenca, MUPA, UIMP headquarters and many other locations. The cycle is organized by a non-profit cultural association that tries to bring the best shows at the lowest price for the spectator and place them in spectacular spaces. Show off Cuenca: enjoy and spread the word Estival Cuenca. Choose to go!

Escenario Solán de Cabras

At Estival Cuenca we combine live performances by great artists from the national and international jazz scene, world music, flamenco, root music, soul, funk or songwriting, among many other styles and labels, with concerts of Cuenca groups, since we try to promote the music of the land and bring reference musicians to our city.

Talleres para peques

Didactics and pedagogy are also key in Estival Cuenca, since different master classes are held open to all interested in which some of the artists who are part of the festival's poster take part. In the same way, a good number of workshops / music and press, music for children, recording and editing at festivals are held) and, in mid-July, the Didactics of Music and Musicology Conference are held at the UIMP of Cuenca, a scientific meeting that is made up of workshops, conferences, communications, guided visits and other activities.

Teatro musical

Estival Cuenca tries to be an inclusive cycle and open its activities to all audiences. In addition, the Orquesta Pin Pan Pun y Los Cencerros and the theater group Te harto a reír, both made up of people with intellectual disabilities, premiere a musical theater every year at the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca. In the same way, in all the editions, music workshops are held for people with disabilities and we learn about the progress of the 'An instrument for Henar' project every two years. In addition, several of the events are beneficial for different associations (Spanish Association against Cancer), non-perishable food is collected for the Cuenca Food Bank, it collaborates with Spanish Red Cross projects, part of the dinner-concert goes to the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Cuenca ....

Cena concierto

In Estival Cuenca a wide space is offered to different gastronomic proposals. Thus, a dinner-concert is organized on the Solán de Cabras stage of the Parador de Cuenca and can be enjoyed in the concerts in the atrium of the Parador de los pinchos performed by chef Miguel Martínez, who won the Madrid Fusion award for the best selection of pintxos in 2017. In the same way, Natural, School of Hospitality and Bistro designs the pinchos that can be tasted in the concerts of the Paleontological Museum.

Estival Yoga

In Estival Cuenca we enjoyed a yoga session at sunset with live music at the Parador de Cuenca. In the same way, Jam Sessions are held thanks to the Cuenca Circular Jam, in the Los Clásicos pub. The State Public Library in Cuenca "Fermín Caballero" of Cuenca and the Public Library of Cuenca "Lucas Aguirre" make a selection of books, films, documentaries, books and other materials available to their users.

Workshops and centers of interest
Premio Manuel Margeliza

Estival Cuenca tries to promote artistic creation. For this reason, the photographers of Estival Cuenca annually carry out an exhibition in which they collect the most outstanding and surprising images of the previous edition. In addition, the ArtEstival exhibition is developed in collaboration with the University of Castilla-La Mancha and Making UCLM. In it, original works made by university students and graduates who have music or Cuenca as protagonists are brought together. One of them is selected and receives the ArtEstival award. In the same way, different summary videos are edited and that collect some song in the spectacular stages of the cycle through which it is also about spreading the city of Cuenca and its spaces. Finally, the cinema also has a space in Estival Cuenca, since every year a film related to music is enjoyed outdoors in the Plaza de la Merced, within the 'Summer Cinema' of the old town of Cuenca. .

Rozalén en Estival Cuenca

At the end of 2013, the cancer took Manuel Margeliza, a music education teacher, multi-instrumentalist and musicologist from Cuenca who stood out for his didactic, investigative, interpretive and, above all, human quality. For this reason, and in consensus with Manuel's family, we decided to create the Manuel Margeliza Award to point out great musicians who stand out for their values and, thus, remember Manolo and continue his work and legacy. The winners, so far, have been Jorge Pardo (2014), Kepa Junkera (2015), Kiko Veneno (2016), María Rozalén (2017), Carmen París (2018) and Rocío Márquez (2019).

Escenario Solán de Cabras

The institutions, establishments, companies, individuals and the media that collaborate in one way or another so that Estival Cuenca can be held edition after edition are fundamental for the cycle, and, as in the case of the sponsors, any appreciation is little:



  1. Cuenca Summer Cultural Association

  2. Sole of goats

  3. Parador of Cuenca

  4. Cuenca City Council

  5. Cuenca City Consortium

  6. Council of Communities of Castilla-la Mancha

  7. Impulsa Foundation

  8. INAEM

  9. Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP)

  10. Cuenca Provincial Council

  11. Liberbank

  12. IEA

  13. University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM)

  14. Globalcaja-Cuenca Foundation

  15. The Classics Pub

  16. The Golden Age / The Footprint of the Elephants

  17. Cuenca City Culture Foundation

  18. Maty House

  19. SGAE Foundation?

  20. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports



  1. MakingUCLM

  2. Musical Ismael

  3. Bar Restaurant The Secret of the Cathedral

  4. Paleontological Museum (MUPA)

  5. Leisure Service 'Aframas'

  6. Cooperative Dj

  7. Public Library of the State 'Fermín Caballero' of Cuenca

  8. 'Lucas Aguirre' Public Library of Cuenca

  9. Posada Dyes

  10. Posada del Huécar

  11. Alcampo Cuenca

  12. Cuenca School of Education (UCLM)

  13. Jam Circular (Cuenca)

  14. Thomas Bux

  15. Cuenca Food Bank

  16. Neighbors Association of the Old Town of Cuenca

  17. Zenergy Cuenca

  18. Spanish Red Cross Cuenca

  19. Bar Restaurant Puerta Valencia

  20. Las Camelias Florist

  21. Lottery Administration 'El Angelillo de la Suerte'

  22. Bar Restaurant More than Friends

  23. El Fuero Bar Restaurant

  24. Pub Go Go

  25. Zoom 3000

  26. Jovi Tavern

  27. Inn of San José

  28. Mesón el Caserío

  29. The Castle Craft Shop

  30. Torner space

  31. Green River Hostel

  32. CeLeO Speech Therapy Center

  33. Cuenca Medical College

  34. One Hundred Montaditos

  35. The Cupboard

  36. Pub La Moneda

  37. The Chamfer

  38. Peña Tío Piña (Huélamo)

  39. Rochafría Bar Restaurant (Huélamo)

  40. Ana's Colmadito (Huélamo)

  41. Bar Manola (Huélamo)

  42. Rogue

  43. The turtles

  44. Cuenca Young Orchestra

  45. Alegría and Javier Dance Academy

  46. Cuenca Film School

  47. Solidarity Library

  48. Escape Room Cuenca


  50. Currency & Zarco

  51. The rooster

  52. Bucci

  53. Frames Module

  54. La Tasca del Arte

  55. Ría pi tá Art Center

  56. Resoli Ortega




THANK YOU to everyone !! S

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